Crystal Cross October 19

The series has been reduced to one single, amazing, brilliant, beautiful race. 

Join us October 19 at Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa for Crystal Cross. The biggest race of 2013 will be even bigger this year, with more great giveaways, fast racers and a whole lot of fun for every skill level. 

Last year, Scott Hoffner took charge of the race and promptly ran away with it, but he'll be up against a deep field and solid competition as he tries to defend his title. The Men's A Race will stick around as the top draw of the day, capping off a morning of events that kick off at 10am with the Men's B/Women's A Race. The Women's B/Men's C race will follow, offering the women back-to-back chances to race, and maybe taking a bit of the power out of the legs of the As and making it a fair fight for the second race. 

Crystal Cross will feature prizes from Continental Tires, Einstein Cycles, Giro, Brew Traverse City, Jolly Pumpkin-Old Mission and more! Every rider has an equal shot of walking away with some cool swag. 

You can register for Crystal Cross here! 

Pumpin Pie Super Prestige CX Race No More!

Hearts are meant to be broken. And on this cold and wintry night, hearts are breaking all over Northern Michigan and beyond. It is with an air of bereavement and sorrow that we must announce that Sunday's Pumpkin Pie SuperPrestige is cancelled. The course is under nearly a foot of snow, and rules of the venue will not allow us snowblowers or snowmobiles to clear it. We appreciate all the racers that came out to the xthebay races this year!